International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

South Asian Law Review (SALR) desires to publish all of its issues in three different version (print version, online version and CD-ROM version) and accordingly the journal will have three different ISSN number. Primarily CIEPS has assigned us a provisional ISSN Number for only print version. After publishing two issues successfully, we will be able to apply for ISSN online version and CD-ROM version. Once SALR gets ISSN for other version, it will start using Linking ISSN. 

Right Now South Asian Law Review  (SALR) carries only print ISSN which is as follows: ISSN 2708-5740. As per recommendation of CIEPS, SALR will place p-ISSN in the upper right corner of its cover. For online version, it will be placed on the homepage or on the main menu and for CD-ROM version on visible part of the disc.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

South Asian Law Review (SALR) desires to label DOI in all of its published article. A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. That is a Digital Identifier of an Object, not an Identifier of a Digital Object.

Although assignment of DOI is very costly but SALR has already applied for it. Once we get DOI, each paper of the journal will be labelled a DOI.