Peer Review Process

South Asian Law Review always works with a specific scientific method for reviewing all of its received manuscripts. The journal assures thirty days of double blind peer review process and accepted papers are published within fifteen days of acceptance. 

Once a manuscript is submitted to us, we want to be confirmed that whether the manuscript covers the desired arena of SALR. Then we check plagiarism rate and want to be further confirmed that whether the manuscript is already published or not. Here we do not tolerate double digit plagiarism rate and also do not accept already published manuscript by any means. South Asian Law Review generally welcomes original research work rather some descriptive writings. If we find these requirements okay then we start to make formatting the whole manuscript in our own style and to make organize. Firstly our editorial panel start to edit each manuscript for two times and give the author(s) scope of necessary modification. After expiry of a certain time we engage our some specific editors to deal with some relatively weak manuscripts and he/she edits the assigned manuscript and give scope the Author(s) to modify further. Good manuscripts are directly forwarded and assigned before one or two reviewers and after discussing about topic of the manuscript we engage our honorable reviewers for further and higher review. Furthermore our observers play some role by advising which manuscript is best to be selected, what need to be developed, etc. We complete peer review process within thirty to fifty days and on the first day of desired month (February/May/August/November) online version and within the prescribed month print version gets published.

You can also follow our peer review process by observing the following diagram.