Medical Malpractice, Legal Vacuum, Right to Healthcare, Negligence Laws, Special Tribunal.


16 August 2020


Healthcare services in Bangladesh are seriously criticized continuously for various indiscipline and irregularities by the consumers who go across the system seeking the services. Common people have taken these sufferings for granted as the supervisory bodies seem to relax and in between the healthcare service providers are growing more and more negligent. Every day, the newspapers are getting flooded reporting incidents of medical malpractices. Even the slightest medical negligence is strictly handled around the world but in Bangladesh, we are experiencing an unbelievable number of medical malpractice incidents happening so frequently; newspapers keep reporting and criticisms keep flowing, but incidents of malpractice keep occurring again and again. Hence, this paper identifies that there is a legal vacuum that allows incidents to remain remediless. And because of this escape route the reluctancy and the lack of seriousness is never threatened. This paper studies standards around the world and argues that a special tribunal created solely for supervising healthcare and adjudicating disputes, can be a very effective solution to end the miseries of medical malpractice.

SALR Article No. 01

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/1stV/FI/Aug-001S

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