Climate change, Human rights, Fundamental rights, Right to life, Environment.


16 August 2020


Climate change is one of the major crises the world is facing now. Continuous degradation of climate is deteriorating the prevalent problems and deepening them resulting into increased inequalities. It threatens food security, public health, livelihood, access to fresh water, natural resources and thus affects the enjoyment of human rights specially the right to life. Bangladesh is one of the worst victims of climate change. The geographic location of Bangladesh is one of the main reasons for which Bangladesh is facing multitude of problems which are the result of climate change although Bangladesh herself is least responsible for such change. This paper will argue that though Bangladesh is a low polluting country, the country is facing huge environmental threat which its people can’t fight due to low adaptive capacity. The people of Bangladesh can’t enjoy their peaceful life which is the violation of basic human rights. This paper finds that climate changes have brought misery to the daily life of Bangladeshi people and deprived them of their right to life. This study examines the provision of different laws, various articles of journals and newspapers. It finally concludes recommending reduction of environmental pollution and establishment of separate human rights protection court and environment protection court.

SALR Article No. 04

Ref No.: SALR/JOURNAL/1stV/FI/Aug-004

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