Rape, Rape victims, Government Agencies, Civil Society, Reform and Justice.


25 November 2020


The majority of rape victims and survivors are precluded from seeking justice for the chaotic word in the existing rape laws and their applications. It is unfortunate that whenever there is any discussion about amending the rape law, the lawmaker initiates to increase the punishment rather than ensuring justice for the victim and preventing the rape incidents. The rape law need to be reformed to stop such incidents including initiatives to build social morality in people. Only legal reform is not enough to address the issue of rape without changes in practice. In this backdrop, the aim of this paper is to identify the substantive and procedural areas of rape law which needs an immediate reform. The article endeavours the importance of ensuring justice and to develop workable recommendations are mentioned. A rape law reform agenda can be achieved by the efforts of government agencies and concerned civil society organizations. In the present context, reform of rape laws are needed to ensure an effective and inclusive justice system for rape victims and to end impunity for rape to establish comprehensive legislative efforts maintaining human rights policy measures for ensuring legal protection of rape violence with a special focus on reforming the rape law to address such violence and to seek proper justice.

SALR Article No. 10

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/1stV/SI/Nov-005

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