Definition of Terrorism, International Organizations, Reasons, Problems.


25 February 2021


Terrorism is very common phenomenon nowadays and also it is the greatest threat to the mankind and the society of every country. While terrorism is a very prevalent phenomenon in the world, there is no formal or universal definition of terrorism agreed upon worldwide. The need of the hour to face international terrorism is an apt definition of terrorism. Knowing the definition of terrorism is of utmost importance, because terrorism has become one of the key problems of today’s communities, and because it is easy to identify but difficult to define. It is very important to define the term ‘terrorism’ to curb this menace. In this Article reasons for defining the term terrorism has been mentioned. Various challenges to define terrorism, are also been explained here. Both general and specific approaches to define terrorism are also elaborately discussed. In this article the main points which will make a good definition of terrorism are also been suggested. Lastly the article is concluded with some remarks.

SALR Article No. 13

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/FI/Aug-003

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