Youth, Deviant Behaviour, Bangladesh, Causes, Effects.


25 February 2021


The youth are often faced with a number of challenges that are unique. These challenges predispose the youth to get involved in deviant behaviour. Nowadays, the deviant behaviour of youth has become a universal issue of major concern and needs immediate attention. With the present changing world, the deviation is a social phenomenon and an inconsistent act of social order. There is an interweave between youth and deviance that youth generally do deviant behaviours when he becomes upset for any reasons like being unsuccessful in achieving his goals and aspiration. These frustrations break or weaken the youth’s social bonds with groups that control their social behaviour. This writing is intended to give a focus on a theoretical discussion of the deviant behaviour of youths, its causes, and its impact on society in the context of Bangladesh.

SALR Article No. 14

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/FI/Feb-004

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