Preventive Detention, Right to Life, Liberty and Security, Right to Get Fair Trial, No Torture and Inhuman Treatment.


25 February 2021


Propensity of infringement of human rights is being increased day by day in different part of Bangladesh in several ways and preventive detention is one of them. In the country, preventive detention laws confer a wide range of power to the executive authority to restrain someone without doing any offence for an uncertain period of time and the authority take this opportunity as a weapon and apply arbitrarily in most of the time. Consequently many people have lost their future. Although the provision of preventive detention directly or indirectly subsist in most of the countries of the world but its application is entirely limited. Therefore, both the government and individual must pay more attention for this worrying concern which is a big threat for our civil society. The government should specify and confer a restriction, limitation on it. Contrariwise, human rights organizations can play vital role by increasing awareness among the citizen in order to protect the individuals from arbitrary arrest and detention by the executive. In this paper, I would like to show how the rights are being violated through preventive detention because it has been made a culture of violation of human rights in Bangladesh. This paper highlights definition, history, nature, some rights of human being, judicial remedies, etc. It also examines the social necessity of the preventive detention for a country especially Bangladesh following a doctrinal approach as a methodology.

SALR Article No. 15

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/FI/Feb-005

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