Role of Universities, Enhancing, National Development, Rule of Law, Tanzania.


12 September 2021


Tanzania spends huge sums of public funds to establish and maintain universities for future development of her people and the nation. Large amount of money is spent on a few individuals so that in the future they may make a return to the community through committed service provision. Universities being institutions with the obligation to educate the mass and impact a variety of skills to people in different disciplines, have a potential role to play in national development through research and production of high level skilled man power to implement government policies, to find out solutions to the problems which face the country now and which might face the country in the future. This enthusiasm may not be realised if university graduates employed in the public service disrespect the rule of law and arrogantly identify themselves as superior, distinct and use their university education exclusively for personal gain through corrupt practices. Thus, besides the creation and dissemination of knowledge, universities have also a role to play in promotion of the rule of law by imparting into their students a culture of lawfulness and by equipping them with appropriate knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviours that practically reflect the rule of law in their daily activities. Unless the rule of law is instilled to students and made part of their university daily life, university graduates will not respect the rule of law and yield the expected university outcomes of high level skilled man power to serve the community and attain national development. 

SALR Article No. 16

Ref No.: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/SI/Aug-001

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