Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Judiciary, Diligence, Liability.


12 September 2021


Up and running democracy is the rhetoric consequence of an independent, impartial and transparent judicial system. Instead, the latter has not been left immune from the long standing challenges to it; corruption is one amongst the prevailing curses. When the evil of corruption takes the very roots of judicial organ itself, it puts a stumbling block in processing the fair justice. Having said this, it is pertinent to note that the transparency in judicial system starts form the very initial phase which is directly linked to the appointments of the court’s presidents. Hence, this paper seeks to examine the role of artificial intelligence in maintaining the transparency in different aspects appended to the judicial system. Undeniably, AI mechanism plays dual role if get triggered in administration of justice. In one aspect, AI is attired as ‘Court Assistants’ where it assists the court’s president in the entire adjudication process by its very instinctive quality of prediction with which it facilitates them preparing the judicial decisions. In other aspect, AI bases itself in replacement of Human Judges with Robot Judges. This paper attempts to conduct a test with respect to the part played by the human judge & efficiency of robotic judge if get substituted. Basing its credit on the considerate literature, the paper concludes with affirmations that the praxis of AI Assistant’s adoption would certainly serve legitimacy and enhance the transparency of judicial proceedings by guaranteeing fair trial.

SALR Article No. 18

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/SI/Aug-003

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