Marine Environment, Integrated Marine Environment Policy, Blue Economy, SDG, Bangladesh.


12 September 2021


The paper mainly dealt with the conceptualization of marine environment and the integrated marine environment policy in Bangladesh. This also described the nature and the causes of marine environment pollution including a variety of land, sea, and air-based pollution, nutrient pollution and marine debris in Bangladesh. Given a short critical review of current marine environment policy in Bangladesh, this article concluded with the policy recommendations such as evaluation of the existing laws and policies related to sea, creation of marine environment awareness among the entire populace, following those countries who have been identified as successful countries for revolving ‘the concept of the blue economy’ to the improvement of their maritime ecosystem and so on that should be implemented in order to establish a better marine ecosystem in Bangladesh according to the demand of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SALR Article No. 19

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/SI/Aug-004

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