Legal Profession, Historical Background, Islamic Perspective, Current Status, Bangladesh.


12 September 2021


The fiduciary duty of a lawyer or advocate is what places the law profession in a unique position of trust and confidence, and distinguishes it from any other calling. Once this trust and confidence is betrayed, the faith of the people not only in the individual lawyer but also in the legal profession as a whole is eroded. All members of the bar are strictly required to at all times maintain the highest degree of public confidence in the fidelity, honesty, and integrity of their profession. Lawyers treat each other with courtesy, dignity and civility. The bickering and the hostility of their clients should not affect their conduct and rapport with each other as professionals and members of the bar. As the explanation goes a business is a trade or profession at which one works regularly; an occupation is what one happens to be engaged in, and may be continuous or temporary. A profession usually implies scholarship, as the profession of law. To straight justice through chalking out fact, lawyers take place an identical and unparalleled role. It demands higher degree of devotion, determination and commitment to the entire gamut of judiciary consists of judicial officer, court staff and justice seekers. In the first world, lawyers are the real social engineers to mend robust edifice for good governance and sustainable development. The ostensible connotation of this writing is to sketch out the overall deplorable situation of dignified legal profession in the hands of so called court officers with reasons and probable recommendations to upgrade.

SALR Article No. 20

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/SI/Aug-005

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