Matrimonial Rights of Muslim Women in Bangladesh

Md. Abdul Karim & Md. Emran Parvez Khan


Women’s Rights, Islamic Sharia, Dower, Inheritance, Bangladesh.


12 September 2021


Women are the part and parcel of society. They are the nerve of the society and consequently, we cannot deny their role in the global arena. But because of weakness of basic Muslim women’s rights of dower and dowry of marriage in Bangladesh, rights of women are being violated. One of the essential parts of Muslim marriage is ‘dower’ paid or promised to be paid by the husband to the wife. Dower must not, however be confused with ‘dowry’ which consists of presents made by father and other relatives of the bride and Muslim Law does not make any provision for payment of dowry. Issues commonly associated with notions of women’s rights include, though are not limited to the right: to bodily integrity & autonomy; universal suffrage; hold public office work; fair wages or equal pay; own property; education; serve in the military or be conscripted; to enter into legal contracts; marital, parental & religious rights. Not only that the law should be revised, but its enforcement should be made easy, speedy and similar so that the women can get some benefit out of whatever the law is offering. Unless the law itself along with the procedure for its enforcement is changed, the position of Muslim women in Bangladesh will continue to remain subject to such humiliating condition because of erroneous concept of law, of women’s position in society and also of humanity as a whole.

SALR Article No. 21

Ref: SALR/JOURNAL/2ndV/SI/Aug-006

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